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Several WWE Superstars Not Listed On Internal Roster

WWE has a lot going on, and many members of the roster are currently inactive. That brought an interesting update today.

In March, it was reported that Bray Wyatt was suffering from an illness. Wyatt had been off the air for several months, halting his storyline featuring Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy. This resulted in WWE abandoning plans for a match between Wyatt and Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39.

Recent reports indicate that Wyatt is no longer featured on WWE’s internal roster, which includes a list of injured or inactive wrestlers. As for any updates on his status, it was noted that “Bray’s situation is up to management and him.

Wrestle Votes tweeted out to let fans know that there are several WWE Superstars who are not currently listed on the company’s internal roster.

Regarding the “roster rankings” & Bray Wyatt’s name not listed, I was passed the internal groupings. Names that appeared alongside him in this “unassigned” category that are still listed include Ciampa, Truth, Gable Steveson & Logan Paul.

Bray Wyatt is still on payroll however.

We will have to see when Logan Paul reappears on WWE television. Bray Wyatt’s return might even come after the next we see the Maverick for all we know.

There are a few Superstars that fans would love to see make a return to the company. Only time will tell how long it is before we see all of the above listed names again.

What’s your take on This situation? Sound off in the comments!

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