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Pat McAfee made Stone Cold’s list of all-time best Stunner sells

Sure, Kevin Owens does the move now, as have others throughout history, But there’s nothing like a Stone Cold Stunner.

It’s one of the great things about Steve Austin coming back for a WWE appearance. At least sumbitch is getting Stunned, and we’ll get another excuse to talk about all-time best and worst Stunner sells.

That happened after Austin’s two-night return at WrestleMania 38 last year. Austin Theory, Vince McMahon & Pat McAfee all took a Stunner. McMahon joined the “all-time worst” discussion, while Pat Mac earned his way onto a lot of people’s “best” lists.

Austin had a big smile on his face after delivering that one, which was probably partly due to how well the entire ‘Mania in North Texas went, but McAfee’s sell definitely popped him. And when TMZ Sports asked him where that ranked in his personal list of all-time Stunner sells, the Rattlesnake put Pat in pretty lofty company:

“Man, top three. Top three. And I gotta say top three because I mean, you know, The Rock is number one, the way he oversold it. Scott Hall and some of the other guys that took it… Pat has a natural feel for the business. Epic performer. Great on the stick. Athletically, you know that that match he had with the Theory was awesome.”

What really elevated McAfee’s version?

“And then the kicker was not only the sell of a Stunner, but — I don’t know if I threw him out or he ended up out of the ring — to lay there selling, still guzzling the beer. The presence of mind to ad lib and improvise it like, ‘This is a moment,’ without even thinking about it. I think he’s amazing. He’s very entertaining, and as a human being, I like him a whole lot.”

Austin’s praised the newest member of Team ESPN in the past, so his praise doesn’t come out of nowhere. Still pretty damn cool though.

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