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Exclusive! Fahmaan Khan opens up about Dharampatni going Off-Air, and talks about his upcoming projects, saying “I got to explore a certain part of my emotions that I didn’t know that I had”, Read for More!

MUMBAI : Fahmaan Khan is a popular actor and stars as Ravi Randhawa in the show Pyaar Ke Saat Vachchan Dharampatni. He enjoys a massive fan following.

But it was his role as Aryan in the show Imlie that was the turning point, now after bidding adieu to the show a little while ago, the actor is seen in the Color’s show Dharampatni and fans are loving his new avatar.

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The show Pyaar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni is wrapping up and we gave you the update that the show will wrap up by shooting on 24th May and air the final episode by the 9th of June.

Fans of Fahmaan Khan have been really sad since the news has been out and have been waiting for Fahmaan’s reaction to the same.

TellyChakkar got in touch with the actor to talk about, the show wrapping up, and he said, “It is a bit emotional, the show has been a great experience. With this character, and as an actor I got to explore a certain part of my emotions that I didn’t know that I even had, so I am glad that happened. Also, everything has to come to an end at some point, just so ending everything with a bit of sweet touch, with a nice lovely message to it that’s important and I think we are doing that, and we are all very excited, we have been going out and hanging out every day, the entire star cast, because what happens is, when a show ends, you don’t get a chance, everybody goes their different ways, with some new shows and some other ways so we are trying to take this opportunity to spend time with each other, cherish it”.

And We were as curious as Fahmaan’s fans are about his next steps, so when asked about any indication of what he will do next, he said, “ I don’t know, I want to chill a bit after this, even with direction, we will have to see what happens. It’s very unpredictable the way our industry works. It might happen that as soon as this ends, I might find something else, and that might start and if that does not happen, then I will go away for a trip, and we will see whatever happens, I am not sure about anything, I have always been clueless and that has worked in my favor and if your plans don’t work out, they can dishearten you so, whatever happens, it will happen for good”.

The show will wrap up soon but fans will be disheartened and will miss the show and Ravi Randhawa.

Stay tuned to TellyChakkar for more updates!

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