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Chael Sonnen Feels Choice Of Opponent Could Be Real Reason Delaying Conor McGregor's Return

MMA legend Chael Sonnen has weighed in on the ongoing issues between Conor McGregor and USADA. 

In order to be cleared for his long-awaited return to the Octagon, ‘The Notorious’ is expected to spend six months in the USADA testing pool, during which he must produce a minimum of two clean tests. However, McGregor’s status within the pool continues to be a source of unclear contention despite his recent comments on the matter.

With every passing month, the hopes of seeing the Irishman make it back into the Octagon in 2023 becomes that much slimmer. According to ‘The Bad Guy’, there might be an issue outside of USADA keeping McGregor away.

“Does Conor McGregor Want To Fight Michael Chandler?” – Chael Sonnen

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Chael Sonnen questioned the narrative surrounding McGregor and USADA at the moment. ‘The American Gangster’ even suggested that ‘The Notorious’ either doesn’t want to fight Michael Chandler or simply doesn’t want to fight in general. 

“We don’t get to ride the wave of ‘Conor was hurt, Conor took something, Conor is playing a game with USADA, Conor’s staying out of the pool until he can clear the pool,'” Sonnen said. “We don’t get to play that game forever, at some point, we have to go to the other option, which is ‘I don’t want to fight Michael Chandler, for whatever reason, I don’t want to do it,’ and I don’t know what part of that statement is the problem, ‘I don’t want to fight Michael Chandler’, I don’t know what part of that’s the problem. Is it the Michael Chandler? Not likely. Is it the fight? ‘I don’t want to fight,’ so can I stop right there and not even include the name or do I just change the name out?”

Sonnen concluded by saying that, for now, it appears the Irishman is delaying his highly anticipated return clash with ‘Iron’.

“Does Conor McGregor want to fight Michael Chandler? I’m not gonna answer that, but I’ll offer you this. He is electing to delay the possibility.”

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