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AEW’s New Show Collision Rumored To Be Part Of $1 Billion Deal

AEW is on the verge of a new era for the company as they introduce a new Saturday show. Collision will be here soon enough, blocking off an hour of television viewing time for fans every Saturday. That new show is also rumored to be a part of a massive deal.

AEW has a lot of plans in the pipeline, and a new AEW television show, Collision, is coming in June. That being said, AEW is going to switch up how they approach Rampage. They also want to present a fresh roster with their new Collision show.

During Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez spoke about AEW’s new television deal. There is a lot of discussion about how much the company is making and how much time they had left in their old deal.

If I’m doing the math here, their deal shouldn’t be up for another year. They had the 4-year extension in 2020, and it was a 3-year deal with an option here, I’ve heard some people say this is the option year, I’ve had some people say that’s next year. Obviously, if they signed a new deal, none of this matters.

Bryan Alvarez also addressed the rumor that AEW is getting 1 billion dollars on a 5-year deal. He claims to have asked people in the company about this, but nobody can confirm that and said it’s not likely.

Sean Sapp also noted behind Fightful’s paywall that that he also heard talks of the billion dollar deal over the next few years but couldn’t confirm that figure.

“There was a lot of discussion and rumors both online and within WBD and AEW about this deal being a billion dollar deal over a few years and that could be true if all of their deals are extrapolated. However, WBD sources had indicated to us that Collision was the planned upcoming announcement, as opposed to an all-encompassing deal that included Dynamite. AEW and WBD sources have not confirmed a dollar figure.”

We will have to see how much AEW is really getting when it all comes out in the wash. That information might see the light of day. Whether they are making $40 million a year, or $200 million, Tony Khan’s company certainly has a lock on their future to secure a television home.

What’s your take on AEW? Are you surprised they’re not going away yet? Sound off in the comments!

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